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Moapa Run Flats

Product Description

After a long period of designing, engineering and testing; the all new DWT MOAPA UTILITY TIRE is here! It’s aggressive tread and top notch construction are sure to make it the best utility tire on the market.

5 STAR REVIEW FROM ATV UTV ACTION MAGAZINE -“Freedom from flats is a ride-saving final frontier every ATVer and UTVer is looking for. Even with zero air pressure, the DWT 12-ply Moapa run-flat looks like it has air in it; it performs like it too. We were shocked how well the RZR steered and accelerated, and the ride was comfy”

We developed MOAPA RUN FLATS to satisfy the need for completely airless running capabilities, stable ride with increased penetration protection and to free up cargo area and added weight/cost by a heavy space-hogging spare tire and/or wheel.

The MOAPA has a wide contact patch that gives it the right amount of traction in many applications, wrapped tread design sidewall design full of protection, specially engineered tire carcass ensuring a smooth ride and bias ply construction making acceleration easy without draining power.

Under rigorous military puncture testing with several large caliber bullets through the tire’s sidewall & tread, MOAPA run-flats successfully traveled at 40mph speeds over 50 miles with a 650lb load per tire.

• Aggressive wrapped tread design reinforces sidewalls for superior strength & protection • No need to carry a spare! free up cargo space while decreasing cost • Wide contact patch for excellent traction in the toughest terrains and conditions • Engineered for a stable ride with increased penetration protection • Versatile multi-directional tread pattern works equally well in forward or reverse