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• 6-PLY rated

• Superior strength & durability

• Aggressive multi-directional tread

• Firm compound rubber

• Thick protective sidewalls

• Wide contact patch

• Aggressive wrapped tread design reinforces sidewalls for superior strength & protection
• Wide contact patch for excellent traction in the toughest terrains and conditions
• Engineered for a stable ride with increased penetration protection
• Versatile multi-directional tread pattern works equally well in forward or reverse

After a long period of designing, engineering and testing; the DWT MOAPA UTILITY TIRE was born. It’s aggressive tread, durable compound and top notch construction make it the best utility tire on the market. The MOAPA has a wide contact patch that gives it the right amount of traction in many applications, wrapped tread design sidewall design full of protection, specially engineered tire carcass ensuring a smooth ride and bias ply construction making acceleration easy without draining power.